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School Bus Cameras Record Other Drivers

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- When a school bus drops students off, a red stop sign pops out the side. Traffic is supposed to stop, but some drivers keep going.



"It's really gut-wrenching actually. Your stomach comes up in the back of your throat and you just [gasp]," says Camilla Smallwood, a former bus driver.










Frederick County Public Schools has invested in a camera system to record vehicles that don't stop.





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Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) to Close Frederick Mortgage Office

By mid-2010, Citigroup, Inc. will close their Frederick, MD mortgage office and move their staff of 940 employees to another part of the Maryland region.

According to American Banking & Marketing News, Citigroup spokeswoman Janis Tarter said on Thursday that relocated employees would either work from Citibank’s larger Hagerstrown site or as remote workers from their homes. As part of the transition, about 40 positions will be cut. Tarter told the press that the company is working with effected employees “to help them explore open jobs within Citi and outside of Citi.”

Tarter said in a statement that the shutdown of the Frederick office will help “increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our consumer banking operations while giving employees as many flexible work options as possible.”

The company said that it expects most of the relocating employees to work from home.

Two Alcohol-Related Accidents Send 10 to the Hospital

When a Volkswagen Jetta crashed into a Nissan Altima, six people were brought to the hospital. Due to the debris from the accident, five other cars were left unable to operate.

The crash occurred Sunday morning on eastbound I-70.

A second accident which involved a Honda Civic was also traveling eastbound on I-70. The Civic traveled off the road causing two passengers in the rear to be thrown out of the car due to impact. Four people were taken to the hospital. The reasons for the car traveling off-road are unknown.

According to police, alcohol seems to be the contributing factor in both accidents.

City Of Frederick Takes Aim At Black Birds

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) -- The city of Frederick is taking aim at some bothersome black birds.

The Public Works Department says it's launching a three-day campaign Monday to scare thousands of noisy, messy starlings away from an East Side neighborhood where they roost.

The weapon is a gun that fires blanks. Officials say they plan to fire it repeatedly for three straight evenings, starting around sunset.

City officials acknowledge that it's a temporary solution to a seasonal problem. They say they know they're just driving the birds into another neighborhood where they may have to repeat the process again.

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Hearing Impaired Woman With Service Dog Told To Leave Mall

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- Denise Portis, who is hearing impaired, took her service dog into the Francis Scott Key Mall, and security asked her to leave. It happened twice in one week, at the same mall that caused an uproar a couple months ago when a security guard there told a nursing mother she had to cover her baby's head, or move.

Mothers in Maryland have the right to nurse in public, and those with disabilities have the right to bring their service dogs with them, wherever they go.

"He said dogs aren't allowed in the mall." Denise says she never before had a problem bringing her service dog Chloe, into the mall.

On Monday, August 9, "a security guard pulled up in his car and stopped and told us we couldn't bring a dog in the mall."

Tornado Confirmed In Frederick County

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) -- The National Weather Service is confirming that a tornado touched down in eastern Frederick County last week.

Meteorologist Chris Strong said Tuesday that a relatively weak twister rated EF-0 knocked down trees south of Unionville on Thursday.

EF-0 tornadoes pack wind gusts of 65 to 95 mph.

Strong says a dollar estimate of storm damage will be available next month.