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Assisted Living Without Water
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Since last Thursday, the residents of Tranquility at Fredericktowne, an assisted living home, have been without water.

The home has 68 rooms on three floors for its 80 residents.  As of right now, the home has been using bottled water for drinking, sponge baths and brushing teeth.  Paper plates and plastic utensils have also replaced using water to wash dishes.

Frank Gerhardt, spokesman for Tranquility says the issue came to light when two of their residents were in the hospital and tested positive for waterborne illness.  He says they haven’t linked it back to the assisted living center, but as a precaution they’re taking measures.

Gerhardt says Tranquility doesn’t understand what the problem is.  They use city water.

The Health Department has performed water tests which are still in the lab baring no results yet. They’re going to take more samples to make sure the problems are fixed.

According to Gerhardt, the residents have been good natured about this situation.  They think it is a bit funny and have been laughing it off.

“The most important thing is the safety of our residents and staff,” he says.

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