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Frederick Triplets Star in 'Life As We Know It' Along Side Katherine Heigl | News

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Frederick Triplets Star in 'Life As We Know It' Along Side Katherine Heigl
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The Clagett triplets, Brooke, Brynn, and Alexis have been cast in the Warner Bros. movie Life As We Know It starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. 

On October 8th the Clagett's will be having a kids Red Carpet Party in Frederick with about 70 kids attending. They will be closing off the street and having photo opps, music, food, games, and dancing. Later that evening 200 of their family and friends will be attending the movie together in Frederick.

Clagett Triplets’ Biography

What are the chances of being born spontaneous identical triplets? Many put the odds at one in 200 million!

What are the odds of being cast in a major Warner Brothers movie, after a national search, at the age of 15 months with no experience, no resume, and no headshots?  Slim at best.

What are the chances of charming everyone you meet with your smiles and outgoing personalities including the director of Life As We Know It, Greg Berlanti and the movie’s stars, Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl? 100% for the Clagett triplets - Brooke, Lexi, and Brynn, identical girls who have beaten the odds all of their short lives.

Now 2 years old, the triplets began their life by arriving 2 months early and spending weeks in the NICU at the University of Maryland Hospital. Defying the odds, they have grown from tiny premies into curious, energetic toddlers whose special relationship with each other is a joy to watch. Because they were cared for by so many in their first year, including nurses, extended family, big sister Hannah, friends and volunteers, Brooke, Lexi, and Brynn love people and adventure.

Spending 11 weeks in Atlanta filming Life As We Know It was definitely an adventure for them and they loved every minute of it. So many new friends - actors, producers, costumers, production assistants, drivers and many others - showered them with affection and attention. They loved going to the set and it showed in their comfort in front of the cameras. Josh Duhamel spent time playing with the girls everyday. According to him they became his new best friends and they adored him! Katherine Heigl was also a favorite. A new mother at the time herself, she wrote that she was thrilled to be their first movie mother. Director Greg Berlanti was a natural with them from holding a sleeping Brooke while he took a short catnap himself to having a tea party to set the mood for a scene. 

Their Atlanta adventure filming Life As We Know It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Experienced actresses at the age of 18 months, one can only wonder what the future holds for this precious threesome. Defying the odds will definitely be part of it!

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