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School Bus Cameras Record Other Drivers | News

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School Bus Cameras Record Other Drivers

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- When a school bus drops students off, a red stop sign pops out the side. Traffic is supposed to stop, but some drivers keep going.



"It's really gut-wrenching actually. Your stomach comes up in the back of your throat and you just [gasp]," says Camilla Smallwood, a former bus driver.










Frederick County Public Schools has invested in a camera system to record vehicles that don't stop.










"We have 11 cameras currently installed on school buses," says Veronica Lowe, Director of Transportation for Frederick County Schools.










One camera is mounted to the side of the bus, capturing the front and back of the vehicle along with it's license plates.

Another shows the infraction in real time.









"Some of the violations come from motorists who just aren't paying attention, their multi-tasking, talking on the phone," Lowe says.










She says the information is sent to law enforcement, and violators receive letters.








But district officials say drivers should get fined.











"When something hits somebody's pocketbook it makes them fully aware of the of the fact that they better watch out and pay attention," says Smallwood.










Transportation Consultant Walter Brilhart says a bill to fine drivers never made it out of committee last year.










"This was a bill that was new on the heels of the red light intersection camera as well as the speed zone cameras. And I think there was some feeling that they didn't need another civil violation," he says.











He says the district is trying again.










For now, they are hoping that the cameras will be enough to get people to stop.


















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