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Trunks Needs your Help!
Trunks Needs your Help!

Trunks was found wandering the streets by a Good Samaritan who brought him to the WHS adoption center in February. He immediately won the hearts of staff and volunteers. This 8-month-old Staffordshire Terrier mix is gentle and sweet, and his #1 priority is snuggling. Because he has some joint and skin issues, Trunks was placed in foster care. His foster parent loves him, but the stairs he needs to climb multiple times a day are proving too much for his joints. So, we are looking to our community to help by giving Trunks a new foster home, or even better, his forever home.

This is what Trunks’ current foster parent writes about him: “Trunks is the sweetest dog I have met to date. All he wants to do is snuggle and give you kisses. If you are on the couch, he wants to be right there with you, just giving you all the love he has! However, he has some joint issues and is not a big fan of long walks or stairs. Trunks is a low-level energy pup, but I feel he would blossom in a home with another dog for him to learn some play skills and maybe boost his energy. Trunks is also a very quiet guy.  He never barks and hardly ever whines. We can leave him at home during the day without worry as he mainly sleeps in his bed and waits for us to get home so he can enjoy more snuggles.”

Trunks has a bow-legged appearance and has some joint issues in his shoulders, so he is currently taking joint supplements to keep him healthy. Veterinarians tell us that with his normal activity level he does not seem to be in pain but a consultation with an orthopedic specialist should be considered. He may also have some skin allergies, and his current foster home has changed his diet and is working with our medical staff on solutions to address his skin issues.

Trunks is a special needs dog, but because he is truly special to us here at WHS we are asking for your help finding him a wonderful home where he will thrive. To meet this sweetheart, e-mail WHS Adoptions and Placement Coordinator Lauren Hagerty at lhagerty@washhumane.org.

As we operate the only open access shelter in Washington, DC, our foster volunteers are vital members of the WHS community, and they fulfill a critical component of our life-saving work. Each time an animal is taken out of the shelter and placed into a foster home, it provides space for another animal who needs our special care and attention. For more information on the WHS foster program, click here, and for more on adoptions, please click here.

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