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Local Salsa Has International Flavor | Families

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Local Salsa Has International Flavor
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At the Washington, D.C. International Fancy Food Show, locally-owned Alicita’s Salsa, exhibited all five flavors of their flavorful and healthy recipe at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

 Made from a family-owned recipe and named after mother, Alice, who resides in Charles County,Maryland, this Salsa offers a flavorful array of four international tastes: Japan, Germany, India, and Greece.  They will also be releasing their regionally-based Kansas City flavor as well as a spicier flavor with ingredients used in the African culture.

 “Instead of hot, medium, and mild we came up with an international variety of flavors including Germany, Japan, India, and Greece. We take one signature spice from each country and attach it to the base recipe. We’ve had great success with each new flavor we release,” stated Alicita’s founder and owner, Suzanne Fields.

 Alicita Salsa also comes in a one of a kind 4-oz dipping cup, which is perfect for packed lunches, food service, take-outs and more.

 “I realized that I was packing my daughter’s lunch with my salsa in tiny Tupperwares for her to take to school, and she’d always share with her friends. I went ahead and made 4-oz dipping salsa cups, perfect for children to bring for lunch. It is the easiest way to get a vegetable into your child’s lunch box,” Fields said.

 Alicita Salsa can be found in select Giant Food stores throughout Maryland and Virginia as well as select local Wal-Mart’s including Kingstowne, Dulles, Frederick, and LaPlata.

You can also find Alicita Salsa at http://www.alicitasalsa.com/


Families, Health

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