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Celeb Nutritionist Heather Bauer: "Live Your Life, Not Your Diet" | Health

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Celeb Nutritionist Heather Bauer: "Live Your Life, Not Your Diet"
Celeb Nutritionist Heather Bauer: "Live Your Life, Not Your Diet"


To celebrate National Nutrition Month, an annual campaign to promote nutrition awareness and education, we caught up with Potomac, Md. native, and certified dietician and nutritionist, Heather Bauer who works with many celebs including Tyra Banks.

She has been writing on the topic of nutrition and diet since 2003, and recently released her new book, "Bread is the Devil." In this book, she shares tips, tricks, and secrets to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Heather explains the first step to leading a healthy more controlled life is to identify the top reasons why healthy eating is a challenge for you. In her book, she recognizes 10 specific situations, which prompt people to eat poorly. Do you fall into any of the categories below?

  • Dining out
  • Traveling
  • Late Night Eating, which Heather refers to as the “Late Night Shuffle.”
  • Emotional
  • Boredom Binging
  • The Sloth: Over exercising which can lead to over eating
  • The Plunge: Placing hardcore and sometimes unattainable goals on your diet.
  • The Freestyler: Those who don’t have set schedules
  • Little Devils: Focusing on your kids and other things before your health. Prioritize yourself.
  • Under exercising

If you don’t relate to any of these situations, you aren’t human. Just kidding, but seriously every normal human being faces one, three, or all ten of these challenges daily. In order to curb your appetite and begin to change the way you look at food during these times of struggle, Heather Bauer suggests you read her book (wink, wink). She then says you must come to terms with what makes you gain weight. She believes once you do this, you can figure out strategies to help you in your struggle.

“Whether you are five pounds or 80 pounds overweight, you have the same bad habits.  Losing weight is a complete lifestyle change.You have to live your life, not your diet. Come to terms with what makes you gain weight, and then nip it in the bud. Having a strategy gives you discipline which helps you gain control. Being in control is key to weight loss,” explained Heather Bauer.

It’s not rocket science, but more than 15% of Americans in nearly all U.S. Metro Areas are overweight according to a recent Gallup poll.

In “Bread is the Devil," Heather provides a simple, flexible guide that will help you reach your goal and make eating fun again, and suggests an easy, affordable shopping list for eating at home

She suggests that everyone should try to drink a liter of water before a day before lunch, go light on the carbs, but eat lean proteins, high fiber foods and, of course, vegetables. She points out that berries, red and purple fruits, and green leafy veggies are a must have at all times because of the high antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins each possess.

 “Watch out for foods that are "pop-able, dip-able, pick-able, and non-stoppable," says Heather Bauer. This food falls into the category of chips, nuts, wasabi peas, dried nuts, guacamole, and hummus. "They are great and very tasty, but not if you eat unlimited quantities!" 


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