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Velociraptor Turkeys Attack Churchgoers In Frederick | News

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Velociraptor Turkeys Attack Churchgoers In Frederick

FREDERICK, Md (WUSA9) -- A couple of tom turkeys are terrorizing folks in Frederick, harassing church-goers, drivers inside their cars, and cyclists.

People are keeping a wary eye on Opossomtown Pike for the gobbling, pecking and scratching animals.

"We were preparing our community dinner, which was turkey," says Pastor Katie Penick of Faith United Church of Christ, whose daughter Meg was among the first attacked.

"Hello, whoa, hello!...," squeals Meg, on video she shot of the assault.

The tom turkeys were apparently out to protect their hens. They gobbled, and then chased after her and first grade teacher Debra Wilcox, who had noticed a whole rafter of turkeys in the church yard and gone out to investigate.

"My camera clicked," says Wilcox. "And they both turned their heads turned my way and it was kind of like slow motion, they turned toward me and I started running in slow motion toward me."

Wilcox says they were like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park. 

"I haven't run that fast in years."

The turkeys are even attacking cars on Opossomtown Pike. One guy says he was sitting in the drivers seat when the two toms jumped up on his hood and started pecking at the windshield with their beaks and slashing at them with their spurs.

Turns out wild turkeys are plenty territorial, and if you search YouTube, you will find all kinds of video of them attacking people.

Meg took refuge on top of a play set. "She was safe up there," says her mom. "You know they can fly?" "Don't tell my daughter!"

Despite their nervousness,  church members now feel they to protect the turkeys, especially considering their motto. "Whoever you are or wherever you are in life's journey, you are welcome here. Now we welcome turkeys," says Pastor Penick.

Spring turkey hunting season in Maryland starts in less than a month. And if those toms keep acting the way they're acting, they're SITTING DUCKS! 


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