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New measures deployed to catch booby-trappers in Frederick | News

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New measures deployed to catch booby-trappers in Frederick

FREDERICK, Md (WUSA9) -- Authorities in Frederick, Md. are deploying hidden motion-activated cameras on trails in the vast Frederick watershed in hopes of catching or stopping whoever has been laying dangerous booby traps in the woods.

Officials are turning to the cameras after the latest discoveries of razor blades mounted on boards buried on watershed trails.  The latest traps were found earlier this week after a pair of devices were turned in to authorities the week before. Similar incidents date back to at least 2013.

No one has been injured by these traps, but police have never identified a suspect.

Mountain biking enthusiasts fear they are the targets of someone who objects to their use of the trails. 

Razor blades found on popular Frederick trail

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins says that’s only one of many possibilities.  “We just don’t know,” Jenkins said.

The cameras are being installed and monitored by the City of Frederick Department of Public Works, which administers the large watershed tract.

Officials declined to say how many cameras are being deployed or exactly where.

Meanwhile, students from Hood College are deploying trail cameras in an effort to collect data on how many people are using the watershed area, and what they're using the trial for. 

The watershed is open to hiking, biking and hunting.

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