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Frederick Co. schools takes action on fight videos | News

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Frederick Co. schools takes action on fight videos

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA9) -- School officials in Frederick County are taking action to shut down social media accounts spreading videos of school fights in the county.

The officials are hoping the takedown sends the message to students that administrators see those videos too. 

Several social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram have been shut down because of these videos. Officials say they're also punishing students they're able to identify in videos.

Some students WUSA9 talked with said they're no stranger to these videos.

"It's be in class, and we'll say come over here," one student said. "And then a lot of people will crowd around them and they will look."

One Instagram account titled "Frederick Fights 20701" was shut down Thursday for violating Instagram's terms of use, specifically in relation violence and bullying.

County school officials, who blew the whistle on the account, say it's the fifth time this year they've taken action on fight accounts. Last year, the school system shut down 12 social media accounts. 

"These videos are absolutely exploitative. The videos by their nature glorify violence, they glorify bullying nature, they promote cyber bullying," Frederick County Public Schools Spokesperson Michael Doerrer said. "It means that we're constantly monitoring social media and the internet for any content related to our schools, good and bad."

In these cases, officials could clearly see that the incidents were on Frederick County school property and involved students.

"Students make mistakes. Fights are going to happen. We know that. There are consequences for that, but we don't think one of the consequences should be that you live forever on social media and on the internet," Doerrer said. 

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