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Maryland Man Being Evaluated After Walkersville Stand-Off

WALKERSVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- The police barricade situation in Walkersville, Maryland is over.

It all started Tuesday evening when Maryland state police received a call about a man threatening himself and others.  Troopers arriving at the scene found the man had thrown possessions from his home outside and barricaded himself in an upstairs bedroom.  Troopers tried to to talk to the man through the bedroom door but he refused to come out.  The man told the troopers he had firearms and enough explosives to "blow the place up".  Troopers retreated from the home and sset up a perimeter around the house.

The man's wife and adult daughter were inside the home but were able to eventually leave.

'White Power' Sprayed On Vandalized Sedan In Frederick County

FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WUSA) --- The Frederick County Sheriff's Office is looking into a hate crime. A male victim's car was vandalized Friday, Aug. 27, 2010, on Gambrill Park Rd., between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. The car was parked near Fishing Creek Road.

Police say the male victim came back from biking and found his four-door Infiniti Sedan damaged. Someone spray painted the words, 'White Power' on it along with the swastika sign.

Police are labeling the crime as a "racial/religious property crime.' The misdemeanor offense carries a $5000 and/or 3 years imprisonment.

The victim also found a cracked windshield. Meanwhile, dents were on the rear bumper, passenger door and the car's hood. The car's tires were also slashed.

"There's been a lot of vandalism. Mailboxes, people's cars being broken into and a lot of four-wheelers being stolen, also scooters," says David Harmon, a county resident living on Gambrill Park Rd.  

Frederick County School Superintendent Retiring

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) -- The superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools is announcing her retirement.

Dr. Linda Burgee said Tuesday she will step down July 1 from the post she has held since 2004.

OFFICIAL WORD: Read the press release on Dr. Burgee's retirement from Frederick County Public Schools

The 55-year-old educator has spent her entire career in Frederick County schools, starting as an elementary teacher.

Burgee says in a letter to the local school board that she has realized many of her professional dreams.

She says her proudest achievements include leading the school system in improving achievement for all pupils while substantially narrowing the achievement gap for at-risk students.

Parked Car Vandalized with Racial Graffiti in Frederick

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) - Officials with the Frederick County Sheriffs Office is investigating a property damage incident that occurred Friday.

Authorities said the victim parked his vehicle on Gambrill Park Road while he was bicycling between 1 and 4:00 p.m.

When he returned, police said the man's vehicle had a cracked windshield, the rear bumper, passenger door and front hood were dented and all four tires were cut and flattened. The vehicle was also spray painted with the words white power and a swastika symbol.

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call the TIPS LINE at (301) 600-4131.

School Bus Cameras Record Other Drivers

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- When a school bus drops students off, a red stop sign pops out the side. Traffic is supposed to stop, but some drivers keep going.



"It's really gut-wrenching actually. Your stomach comes up in the back of your throat and you just [gasp]," says Camilla Smallwood, a former bus driver.










Frederick County Public Schools has invested in a camera system to record vehicles that don't stop.





Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) to Close Frederick Mortgage Office

By mid-2010, Citigroup, Inc. will close their Frederick, MD mortgage office and move their staff of 940 employees to another part of the Maryland region.

According to American Banking & Marketing News, Citigroup spokeswoman Janis Tarter said on Thursday that relocated employees would either work from Citibank’s larger Hagerstrown site or as remote workers from their homes. As part of the transition, about 40 positions will be cut. Tarter told the press that the company is working with effected employees “to help them explore open jobs within Citi and outside of Citi.”

Tarter said in a statement that the shutdown of the Frederick office will help “increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our consumer banking operations while giving employees as many flexible work options as possible.”

The company said that it expects most of the relocating employees to work from home.

Two Alcohol-Related Accidents Send 10 to the Hospital

When a Volkswagen Jetta crashed into a Nissan Altima, six people were brought to the hospital. Due to the debris from the accident, five other cars were left unable to operate.

The crash occurred Sunday morning on eastbound I-70.

A second accident which involved a Honda Civic was also traveling eastbound on I-70. The Civic traveled off the road causing two passengers in the rear to be thrown out of the car due to impact. Four people were taken to the hospital. The reasons for the car traveling off-road are unknown.

According to police, alcohol seems to be the contributing factor in both accidents.