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Clear the Clutter!!

The Washington, DC Metropolitan Area was hit with a heat wave and thunderstorms that left the area without electricity for over a week. Wouldn’t you know the week before I had done a major shopping at Costco so we were stocked up with food and supplies in our fridge and extra freezer. Needless to say we lost everything. With that came the opportunity to make lemon-aide out of lemons.

Although I live in a fairly clutter–free environment, once I cleaned out the fridge and freezer it motivated me to go through the rest of the house and office. Because I was on crutches for the past several months, some things accumulated that were making me feel cluttered physically and mentally. Clutter guru Karen Kingston, author of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, says “Any kind of clutter creates an obstacle to the smooth flow of energy around a space. This in turn creates stuckness and/or confusion in the lives of the occupants.”

I was feeling it was time to de-clutter!  Clutter brings negative energy into the space and there’s no room for that in my life! Clutter blocks the things that you do want in your life from happening.

I offer this: Be vigilant with your health.

                         Be vigilant with your diet.

                         Be vigilant with your environment.

                         Be vigilant about surrounding yourself with            

                         positive, healthy minded people.

                         In everything you do and think, know there is        


The positives that came from our power outage:

                         Quality family time and couple time!

                         A clutter-free house and office – mental clarity    

                         and focus

                         Power could have been out for two weeks!!

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