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WUSA9 Caption Contest Winner, Charlene Woods "Those guys look a lot bigger from down here."

WUSA9 Caption Contest Winner, Charlene Woods "Those guys look a lot bigger from down here."

Congratulations to the winner of our Facebook Photo Caption Contest, Charlene Woods. Did you watch the Super Bowl?

This photo (provided by US Presswire) is of NY Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw running for a touchdown with :57 left on the clock.

The theory is that the New England Patriot allowed the Giants to score the touchdown, so they could get the ball back with one timeout and enough time to make a final drive. The Giants ended up winning Super Bowl XLVI 21-17.

See PHOTOS from the Super Bowl.

Have a little room for us?

Have a little room for us?

As the only open access shelter in Washington, DC, WHS takes in an average of 30 animals every day. The WHS team works around the clock to provide comfort to all of the animals in our care, but our space and resources are limited. Thanks to the hard work and determination of the WHS team, the New York Avenue shelter facility is undergoing major renovations in the coming months to help us provide a better environment for all of our animal residents while they are in our care. 

A construction project is currently taking place in the main holding kennel.

Consumer Protection Reaches Agreement With Comcast Regarding Service Call Fees

Consumer Protection Reaches Agreement With Comcast Regarding Service Call Fees


The following information was sent to us by Karen Falcon:


D.C. Area Job Fair

D.C. Area Job Fair


From Peggy Hillman:

National Career Fairs is holding a job fair on Tuesday, January 17 at the Holiday Inn Rosslyn, located at 1900 North Fort Myer Drive.  The event will run from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. 

Resilience and Positive Self Talk – Work it Like a Muscle

Scientific research has powerfully demonstrated that Resilience and Positive Self Talk is the key to success at work and satisfaction in life. Your natural reserves of resilience, coupled with the thoughts that you think, affects your performance in school and at work, your physical and mental health, and the quality of your relationships. They are the basic ingredients to happiness and success.

My belief is that everyone has a Resiliency factor. I view exercise as I do the Resiliency factor. For example, when we work out we are building up our muscles to make us stronger and physically fit. That is similar to resilience. We want to build our Resiliency muscle to make us stronger in the sense of how quickly we rebound or bounce back from difficult situations in our lives.

Thanksgiving: A Time to Give Thanks


With Thanksgiving less than 24 hours away, now is the time to reflect on how blessed we truly are.

Wednesday, we walked around the city of Gaithersburg asking residents what they were most thankful for this holiday season. Nearly all the people we spoke with said they were thankful for their friends and family as well as a job in these tough economic times.

It’s been a tough year for many, and although we should never wait for one specific day to give thanks, this time of year reminds us to be grateful for all that we are blessed with whether it be health, the love of family and friends, or just the ability to put food on the table.

It's the perfect time to ask yourself, "What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?"


Wishing everyone a very safe and happy holiday with lots of love and turkey.