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Report Says D.C. Is 5th Least Stressed 'State' In Country

Report Says D.C. Is 5th Least Stressed 'State' In Country

D.C. is an incredibly busy city, a city that houses some of the most powerful, most intense jobs in the world.

And yet, one report is saying that District residents are some of the "least stressed" in the nation.

According the report released yesterday by Gallup, D.C. is the fifth "least stressed" state in the country, trailing only Hawaii, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Blimp Rides This Weekend

Blimp Rides This Weekend

On Saturday, June 4, 2011 at  Frederick Municipal Airport, 310 Aviation Way, Frederick, MD, local children with life threatening illnesses and their families will have the chance to fly high above their homes aboard the Snoopy I blimp. Kids can also enjoy a tailgate party and a meet and greet with Snoopy himself thanks to a partnership between MetLife and the Baltimore-based Believe In Tomorrow National Children’s Foundation.

Believe In Tomorrow Children’s Foundation has provided over 560,000 individual overnight accommodations for families, from every state in the U.S. and 76 countries worldwide. This organization provides once-in-a-lifetime hands on adventures to encourage critically ill children nationwide to look past their illnesses toward the promise of tomorrow.

3 Memorial Day Weekend Destinations You Can Drive To On The Cheap

Despite some of the most expensive gas in years, D.C. residents are still traveling for Memorial Day weekend, travel website TripAdvisor is reporting.

According to their report, 36% of D.C. residents are planning to travel for Memorial Day weekend and 27% said that their plans have been affected by gas prices. 

With the increase in fuel costs, many locals are searching for get-aways that won’t burn holes in their wallets.  Introducing the top three Memorial Day Weekend “Gas Tank Getaway” destinations for the D.C. area, according to TripAdvisor:

1. Chincoteague Island, Virginia (Approx. 1 ½ Hours Away)

2. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Approx. 1 Hour Away)

3. Annapolis, Maryland (Approx. 30 Minutes Away)

Finding Benefits or Seeing Faults

    After listening to Tal Ben-Shahar lecture on Benefit Finders and Fault Finders, I am more aware of the impact this perspective has on our lives. I’ve noticed in myself, my clients, friends, family, and business associates an inclination to view others in terms of finding either faults or benefits. Do we see stumbling blocks or stepping stones? These are choices we all make every day.

     Do we look at the stars each night or take them for granted? Do we appreciate our family, our work, and our every day? Do we take people, our health, and life for granted or do we celebrate all of these incredible gifts? Are we embracing life or living by avoiding?

     Benefit Finders focus on the positive. When you focus on the positive, the good appreciates. When our focus strays to the negative, the good depreciates while the negative is accentuated. 

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A Mother's Love Letter: "The Way that I Love You"

A Mother's Love Letter: "The Way that I Love You"

It’s indescribable, really . . . the way that I love you. I want more for you than I could ever imagine wanting for myself.

Helping Women in Transition Make Sound Financial Decisions

Helping Women in Transition Make Sound Financial Decisions

A Woman in Transition is a woman who finds herself bracing for a new phase in life.  “Transition” is not just a change in routines, relationships or social status – it is a fundamental shift in a woman’s identity.  It could be brought on with purposeful intent, such as voluntarily retiring from a successful career, or entering a second marriage.  It could be brought on by an unexpected surprise, such as losing a spouse to a heart attack, or becoming single after a painful divorce.  For a Woman in Transition, the uncertainty of the future can result in anxiety and fear and/or excitement and anticipation.

Examples of Real Life Women in Transition