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Hearing Impaired Woman With Service Dog Told To Leave Mall

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- Denise Portis, who is hearing impaired, took her service dog into the Francis Scott Key Mall, and security asked her to leave. It happened twice in one week, at the same mall that caused an uproar a couple months ago when a security guard there told a nursing mother she had to cover her baby's head, or move.

Mothers in Maryland have the right to nurse in public, and those with disabilities have the right to bring their service dogs with them, wherever they go.

"He said dogs aren't allowed in the mall." Denise says she never before had a problem bringing her service dog Chloe, into the mall.

On Monday, August 9, "a security guard pulled up in his car and stopped and told us we couldn't bring a dog in the mall."