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Homes May be Swallowed by Sinkhole | Weather

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Homes May be Swallowed by Sinkhole

STAFFORD, Va. (WUSA) -- Two homes in Stafford have been perched on the brink of a massive sinkhole for the last 10 days. Now, Stafford County Fire and Rescue and the county's Department of Public Works are worried that this next round of rainfall could send them over the edge.

"So far, we haven't seen any significant change," said Mark Doyle with Stafford County Fire and Rescue. " We had some rain this morning, but it hasn't had any significant impact."

But that could all change if Stafford County gets any more rain, and it's in the forecast for the next three days. The two homes on Brush Everard Court have already been condemned. The danger is that the ground underneath them could literally slide away. Firefighters and Department of Public Works Employees are now stopping by several times a day, hoping the two homes are still standing but knowing they are inches away from collapse.

The families that used to live in those two homes are now staying with relatives. No word on when - if ever - they will be allowed back inside their homes.


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