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9NEWS Fans Submit Severe Weather Pics

We asked for pictures Wednesday during tornado warnings in our area and you delivered.

Nat'l Weather Service Confirms Maryland Tornadoes

NEW MARKET, Md. (AP) -- The National Weather Service has confirmed that tornadoes touched downed in Frederick and Carroll counties over the weekend.

Two tornadoes with maximum winds of 90 mph to 100 mph were reported in the New Market area Saturday evening, uprooting trees, destroying barns and damaging the roof of a home and warehouses. One cut a path five miles long, and the other was about one mile long.

Another tornado with maximum winds of 70 mph to 80 mph touched down in the Unionville area, snapping trees and blowing shingles from a home. Its three-mile path ended in Carroll County, where another tornado hit the Deep Run area with maximum winds of 80 mph. That tornado knocked a tree into a house and damaged the roofs of two barns.

Frederick County Flooded Roads

EMMITSBURG, Md. (WUSA) -- At least 13 roads in northern sections of Frederick County were closed due to flooding Thursday, forcing school officials and mail carriers to make time consuming detours.

"At this point it's too late to close schools early," said Frederick County Schools spokesman Marita Loose.  "We will be working with drivers who will do their best to make sure kids get home safely."

The majority of the road closures are along the Monocacy River and its tributaries outside Emmitsburg and Thurmont.   The following roads were reported closed on the county's website at 2 p.m. Thursday:

Road Closures In Your Area

(WUSA) -- Many local government websites offer a list of road closures and other services during heavy rain.

As part of WUSA9.com's weather coverage, we compiled the list of links you need to check before hitting the road.

The Frederick County, Md. website supplies an updated report on roads that are closed.

Montgomery County's website doesn't actually inform you about closures. However, it does tell you where to avoid driving during a downpour.

Fairfax County, Va. offers drivers tips on how to drive when there are flooded roads.

Frederick County Braces for More Ice, Possible School Closure

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) -- Frederick County is bracing for a second round of icing overnight with potential for a more significant accumulation than the light coating that forced the cancellation of schools Tuesday morning.

"They are calling for a quarter inch of ice, and if that occurs, we'll probably be closed again," said Hal Keller of the Frederick County School system.

Keller says he is typically more cautious about assessing ice storms, because they are notoriously unpredictable due to marginal temperatures, and because even a very light coating can send vehicles out of control.

Early Tuesday morning, Keller found freezing drizzle had coated the side roads he was test driving between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.  After experiencing skidding in his vehicle, he canceled school only to find conditions improved quickly as the morning wore on. 

Salt, Utility Trucks Hit The Roads Before Winter Storm

Salt, Utility Trucks Hit The Roads Before Winter Storm

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA) -- Monday night, salt trucks were already working area roads and snow plows were standing by.

9NEWS NOW's Andrea McCarren traveled the I-270 corridor from the Beltway all the way up to Frederick to check out conditions Monday night.

Utility trucks from Florida and North Carolina rolled into the area after Pepco asked its partners for extra crews. Not surprisingly, there were none available from the Mid-Atlantic region. So, Pepco asked for 250 crews from the Southeast. The utility company was able to get 110 crews.

From Rockville to Frederick, 9NEWS NOW heard mixed reaction about the approach of yet another winter storm.

Snow plow operator Blake Talbot told us, "It's going to be an all chemical event, so I won't be dropping plow. But it's good to get salt on the ground, treat everything, make sure the roads are nice and safe for everybody. "

Man Says He Found Pieces From Tuesday's Meteor Shower

FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) --- Al LaBrush says he walked out of Danielle's Italian & American restaurant last Tuesday night and saw a meteor shower so close that he heard the "crackling" or "muffled fireworks" sound of the shooting star.

LaBrush has been an avid skywatcher for most of his life. But he says he has never seen a meteor shower, the size of a "Volkswagon bus" so close. Although the sighting was beautiful, he was also afraid the meteor would explode in mid-air above him.

"I just didn't know what to think. I just stopped breathing. I couldn't think. I couldn't reason anything I just soaked as much as [I could]. I knew it would be a short lived thing, and if it exploded, it would be real short lived!"