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Photo Gallery | PHOTOS: Unique Exercise Studio Comes to Capitol Hill

A unique exercise studio recently opened on the Hill with intense, music-driven fitness classes for all experience levels.

Biker Barre has two infused classes that will tone and strengthen your entire body. One class is a cardio-packed spin class, and the other class provides the perfect blend of Pilates, dance, and yoga.

Formerly of Red Bow Studio on Capitol Hill, Biker Barre Co-Owner, Jane Brodsky, met with Katie Fouts eight months ago, became instant friends, and decided to combine barre with spin to create the ultimate low-impact workout destination.

“If it’s not fun, it won’t be sustainable,” explained Co-Owner Katie Fouts about the two exercises, and the energetic atmosphere of Biker Barre. “We want people to have fun in classes that will strengthen your entire body in no time, while making sure you never get bored.”

They have a few specials going on for you to take advantage of including five classes for $50, and two classes for the price of one until June 16th.

“This is the type of workout that you work into your lifestyle. You can come here and go to brunch; you can come here and go to happy hour. I don’t think there’s a better way to spend an hour,” said Brodsky.

Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current size for the summer, Biker Barre has a method of exercise that's tailor made to fit the modern person's lifestyle with core strengthening techniques and bottom blasting moves set at a fast pace.

FYI, spin classes burn up to 800 calories an hour.

Barre, is one of my favorite workouts. As a woman I feel it attacks every area that we are unhappy with, and quickly. Your muscles may shake and contract uncontrollably while in a position, but it really works, and you feel rejuvenated after just one class.

“We have gotten a very positive response so far. We love the neighborhood and have received a ton of support. There is a bike class, a barre class, and you can take whatever, whenever you want,” said Fouts.

For more information and specials click here!

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